Angels, Demons, and Ketamine: Occultist Chaweon Koo in Conversation with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson

Online Talk · Angels, Demons, and Ketamine: Occultist Chaweon Koo in Conversation with Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson

Sunday, June 11
2 pm ET

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Mysticism often involves sacred plants and mind-altering substances to aid in ritual journeying. The futurist version may also involve brain hacking via ketamine, mixed with the chaos magick and animism inherent in intense psychology modalities like EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Occultist and writer Chaweon Koo joins Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamson to discuss where bio-hacking, 8 esoteric body circuits, a scientist who talks to dolphins, and modern modes of inner journeying and magick intertwine.

Chaweon Koo is a writer at the intersection of pop culture, the occult, and futurism. Her TikTok @chaweonkoo is one of the most popular occult accounts on the platform. She also interviews some of the most distinguished occultists and witches in the English-speaking world on her YouTube, Witches & Wine. Her book Spell Bound details her journey from an atheist witch into one of the most visible East Asian practitioners of both Eastern and Western occult traditions.

The Psychoanalysis, Art & the Occult series of events, curated by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair and Carl Abrahamsson, is dedicated to exploring the intersections and integration of psychoanalytic theory, the creative arts, occult practices, and folk magic traditions. By inviting psychoanalysts, philosophers, artists, writers, and occult practitioners from a variety of theoretical orientations and worldviews to discuss their work, personal experiences, and areas of research interest with one another, dialogue is opened up between practitioners in fields of study that traditionally rarely engage with one another though often operate in similar and complementary ways. Join them at Patreon!

Image: Dorothea Tanning, The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946